Zine collaboration w/ Sven Harambašić

Lingua Ignota unveils a collaborative ‘zine/artifact with Croatian photographer and designer Sven Harambašić. The handmade book is an exclusive work of art that goes deep into Lingua Ignota’s lyrics along with the beautiful portraits Sven took in Berlin during my tour in 2019. The zine is limited to 52 copies printed in color on 160g glossy paper and hand numbered. Each one has a unique acrylic painting on the cover and has uniquely hand-burned pages inside. Three new shirts designed by Sven Harambašić are also available worldwide Hello merch and EU/UK evilgreed. The zine is ONLY available at evilgreed, first come first serve. Thank you so much @svenharambasic for your amazing work here. More in the future I hope. 

SORRY zine is already SOLD OUT thank you ! 
links to both stores: https://linguaignota.net/shop