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Harrowing. Visceral. Cathartic. These are just some of the terms that can be used to describe Kristin Hayter's work under the Lingua Ignota name. A multi-instrumentalist and intensely captivating performer, her newest record, Caligula, is an uncompromising…

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After formal and informal justice failed her, the artist expresses her pain from past abusive relationships with expansive, uncensored metal. 

“Survivors don’t really get to explore many emotions in healing,” says singer and musician Kristin Hayter, who records under the name Lingua Ignota. “The healing model is be gentle with everything and to be gentle with yourself. It’s about forgiveness and kindness. And that wasn’t the model that I wanted to explore.” 

Hayter’s music is neither gentle nor forgiving. Her newest album, Caligula (Profound Lore), is a withering 67-minute cry of rage and pain, mixing metal trudge, noise feedback, and agonized quasi-classical vocals to confront the singer’s history of domestic abuse. It’s intense, exhausting, and bleakly beautiful—a record of brutal music addressing brutality and trauma. 

"Caligula" #1 On PopMatters Top 15 Experimental Albums Of 2019 & More

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Few musicians have the power to send you to such dark realms as Lingua Ignota does. Lingua Ignota (Latin for "unknown language") channels personal experience—of violence, trauma, rape—to transmit all this darkness into our ears. CALIGULA, her challenging third album, spreads far and wide across the experimental music spectrum. Neoclassical inclinations of the artist's background give the work its winged, ethereal form, while extreme applications of harsh noise drag it to the pits of hell. 

We enter her chthonic world with "FAITHFUL SERVANT FRIEND OF CHRIST", where clear vocals soar through the endless corridors. As we descend deeper, she bellows and screams through the blackened power electronics of "BUTCHER OF THE WORLD" and the funeral death-doom of "I AM THE BEAST". No matter what form Lingua Ignota takes, CALIGULA yields a sense of awe and wonder by connecting with the darkest of places. To listen is to stare straight into the abyss. - Spyros Stasis

'CALIGULA' on The 25 Best Metal Albums of 2019 // Treble

8. Lingua Ignota – Caligula 

Extreme metal is boundless, and yet it has limitations—a paradox that might be difficult to wrap one’s head around, much as my high school physics teacher’s similar statement about the shape of the known universe…