Lingua Ignota at Levitation 2019

Lingua Ignota will be performing at Levitation 2019 in Austin, TX for a special Sargent House showcase with Deafheaven, Russian Circles, Brutus, Emma Ruth Rundle, Jaye Jayle. Tickets HERE.

'This has been fantastic revenge' // THE GUARDIAN

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Kristin Hayter believes extreme music is overdue a reckoning with misogyny and violence – and uses her own ‘survivor anthems’ to spread the word.

Lingua Ignota is swinging a pair of bright-white lights from her arms and screaming on the floor of the London venue Electrowerkz. Her intense industrial electronics and guttural growls startle the crowd; when she breaks into her haunted cover of Jolene, they are stunned into silence. “I want people to have to deal with me in a way that they don’t usually have to deal with someone on a stage,” she says later. “Nobody really expects to be the subject of someone else’s concert.” 


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When Nine Inch Nails released their second full-length album, The Downward Spiral, on March 8th, 1994, it immediately sent shock waves through the alternative music scene with its bold concept (Trent Reznor's dark examination of obsession, suffering and self-destruction) and even bolder industrial-rock sound and expert songcraft. Not long after, thanks to inimitable singles like "Closer," the album became a surprise mainstream hit and against all odds now ranks as one of the decade's most commercially successful albums, as well as one of its most artistically enduring. On the eve of The Downward Spiral's 25th birthday, we asked some of our favorite contemporary musicians to talk about their experiences with this pivotal record.

Below, Lingua Ignota mastermind Kristin Hayter explains why Downward represents “an era of crushing pubescent defeat, self-loathing, unstoppable acne, braces” and how Trent Reznor’s complex architectural compositions influenced her own creativity.