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A piece of music should stir emotions and evoke inquisitive thought. Lingua Ignota is, perhaps, the most thought provoking, powerful project in experimental music. Intertwining industrial, electronic, doom metal, classical and more, Kristin Hayter, the force behind the sound, creates behemoths that defy precise labeling. As a survivor of domestic violence with 100% of her artist proceeds going to the National Network to End Domestic Violence, the songs of Lingua Ignota go against the typical tropes of extreme music. Unlike most male-driven heavy acts, Hayter’s art is true; she writes directly from her life and speaks to those who understand the darkness associated with male-dominated society. From exorcism to opera, she tells her stories in a way that is unsettling, impactful and awe-inspiring. Hayter talked to us about sampling Aileen Wuornos, redefining “heavy” and the humans who inspire her art.

Lingua Ignota's Liturgical Noise Is a Celebration of Obliteration // Noisey

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Stream the new EP from the Providence-based artist who explores trauma and survival through neoclassical, death industrial, and extreme metal.

"I've always had this problem of not being able to situate myself, of being a part of things that are so disparate I can't reconcile them," says Kristin Hayter, a classical vocalist and experimental musician who performs under the musical moniker Lingua Ignota. Lingua Ignota's debut EP, Let the Evil of His Own Lips Cover Him, was self-released on Valentine's Day 2017. 100 percent of proceeds from sales went to benefit the National Network to End Domestic Violence, and a second EP, All Bitches Die, just dropped on on June 7, 2017.