“Take Tools Used Against You And Make Yourself Powerful” Interview Feature// New Noise Magazine

(Full feature via New Noise Magazine)

“I wanted to look at the full spectrum of the depravity and the loneliness and the total despair and devastation and the rage and the psychotic anger and all of the things that accompany abuse of power,” says Californian multi-instrumentalist Kristin Hayter, better known as Lingua Ignota

Lingua Ignota has always taken a radical, resolute approach to themes of violence and vengeance, and CALIGULA, out via Profound Lore Records on July 19, builds on the evolution of the survivor at the core of this narrative. “A big part of this project is about transformation and about how survivors move through their experiences, how we move through our experiences,” Hayter explains. “I was looking at someone like [the Roman emperor] Caligula, who matches the depraved narcissism of certain political figures that we have today but who is also very similar to the behavior that we see in a lot of abusive people in intimate relationships and also might be reflected in how the survivor then behaves.”